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Practice Area

Intellectual Property

Our law firm specializes in providing comprehensive intellectual property services to protect and enforce your valuable intellectual property rights. With our expertise in intellectual property law, we offer the following services:

Trademark Registration and Management:
Our team assists in the registration, monitoring, and management of trademarks domestically and internationally. We conduct extensive searches to ensure the availability of your desired trademark and handle all aspects of the registration process.

Copyright Protection:
We help you secure copyright protection for your original works, such as literature, music, artwork, software, and more. Our attorneys assist in filing copyright applications, drafting licensing agreements, and enforcing your rights against any infringement.

IP Licensing and Transactions:
We provide guidance on intellectual property licensing agreements, transfers, and assignments. Our attorneys negotiate favorable terms and help you maximize the commercial value of your intellectual property assets.

IP Litigation and Dispute Resolution:
In case of intellectual property disputes, our litigators represent your interests in court proceedings. We handle infringement cases, cease and desist actions, and alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation and arbitration.

Domain Name Disputes:
Our firm assists in resolving domain name disputes, including cybersquatting and trademark infringement issues. We take appropriate legal action and provide representation before dispute resolution bodies.

IP Portfolio Management:
We offer strategic advice and ongoing management of your intellectual property portfolio. Our team regularly reviews your existing IP assets, provides maintenance services, and advises on portfolio expansion or consolidation.